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Sergino Conditioner : Sergino makes 3 different conditioners and all 3 contain Panthenol. The amazing thing for all of these conditioners is how they feel when you are sdone conditioning your hair! The 2% panthenol (twice the 0.1–1% maximum industry suggested level) makes a big difference and if you have damaged or really dry hair you will love the Sergino Panthenol Protien Pack.

So weather your hair needs a little help or a lot ,Sergino has the right conditioner for your hair

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  • Conditioning Rinse
  • Hair Moisturizer
  • Panthenol Protien Pack

Sergino Conditioning Rinse <<--click 2 order sergino conditioning rinse


  • Sergino Conditioning Rinse can be used as a daily
    conditioner for normal and oily hair type
  • Formulated with 2% Panthenol, Elastin and Collagen, hair is left
    restored, manageable and full of shine.
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sergino elastin shampoo Sergino Hair Moisturizer: <<--click 2 order

  • Sergino Hair Moisturizer with Panthenol is a deep
    penetrating formula.
  • A combination of superior Hydrolyzed protein, 2% Panthenol and rich emollients will make hair soft, pliable, while
    adding a smoothing property that controls flyaways.
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sergino panthenol protien pack

Sergino Panthenol Protien Pack <<--click 2 order

  • Sergino Protein Pack is an intense treatment that
  • restores hair's elasticity,
  • repairs structural damage and
  • adds moisture.
  • Formulated with 2% Panthenol, Elastin and Collagen to help repair the damage incurred with bleaching, coloring, perming and environmental exposure.
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